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Annyeonghaseyo. Welcome to my wonderland. it's sue. I'm yoondoojoon's girlfriend , choi minho's sister , lee junho fiance and also lee gi kwang's wife.. Be good to me please!


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can u just love me like i do .?

welcome to my lifestyle 

 wonder..why i put this pict for my entry this evening 


name : wan poyo !
age : 17 y/o
hobby : sports (maybe)

just want to tell this guy, why he can't love me just like
i do.?

Do you love me?
Do you love me like the way I love you babe? 
My prediction was right
Since the day I first met you
You captivated my heart, which no one was able to have
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, I only think of you
Morning, lunch time, evening, dawn, all day you burn me up
In the end, L O V E is what I say
I think I have fallen into the ocean called you
Is it only my misunderstanding?
I want to believe that you feel the same
No one can understand but
I want to ask you
I hope our amazing encounter
Is not just a typical misunderstanding
Shake up my tightly jammed heart
Rock n roll
The moment I first saw you, my heart was already K.O
No matter how hot someone is, if they want me, I say no
You’re the key to my heart
I only open to you
This is my last love
Don’t leave me
Feels like we can be together till the end of our lives
Let’s be together till the end of the universe, don’t let go of my hand
Everytime i'm with u
My heart pounds at your one word, I stutter, what am I saying?
I look bad because I keep getting it wrong, it’s frustrating, please know my heart 
And for me, tears always win