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Always Loving You Mr. Kang !

Annyeonghaseyo =)


here we are ! meet my sweet,caring and lovely Mr. Kang..or known as Kang Gary 
why do i love this guy ? because he's a stupid and lol guy i'd ever seen on my entire life !
why do i said that ? because he's only loves ONE girl who was belong to other man ..
i think, some of u have know who's the girl right ? her name is SONG JIHYO !
A girl who doesn't realise how serious love come from my Mr. Kang's heart for her..
Do u know how Monday Couple was born? it's born when Mr. Kang created a song for
his wholelife girl.the title of the song is "Jihyo Blues" which come from his ori song
titled "Lessang Blues".

"Lessang Blues" was a beautiful song that he'd wrote before..the meaning of the song
was taken from his deep heart ! want to know part of the lyrics that he wrote for Jihyo sunbae ?
here we go

My life was always rough with loveLike a thrown away umbrella, I was always in cold, loneliness and serious insultI tolerated all of these and got dumped several timesI was a wanderer looking for true loveBut this one beautiful girl made my steps stopMy life has been an endless runway since I’ve engraved you in my heartI’ve been reborn, into a red flower

*Loving you, always never change loving you, the two soft handsYour eyes seduce me, make my heart cry,how.. how..Loving you, always never change loving you, because you embrace meThe flowers on the meadow and the moon in dark are jealous of me

My life was a thorn bush before I met youBut now it’s a strong buildingI’m like the fool On dal^ who only smile sat this big loveMy life is brighter than that full moon(You are like) A wind own with sunshine(Your whisper is like) A grandma’s lullabyWhen I think of it, everything is just peacefulThe most beautiful harmony in the world is you and II’m this happy because of youCompared to that what I can do for you is to let my arm be your pillowOr to hug you hard like your bones will breakI’m sorry, to you who have made a place for me in your heartI will be your shoes, put me on and go wherever you wantDon’t worry about stepping on dirty thingsI will embrace it without anyone noticingBut promise me that you’ll be next to me until death

i think,the whole song was for her ! Jihyo-sunbaenim,did u knew how much
jealous we were ?! but u're too blind to see how much Kang Gary loves you !
u're the only one he's loving for his wholelife and he's unstoppable ! u shoud know that !
he won't be able to stop loving you,all of his song was wrote just for u !
Jihyo sunbaenim !!!

*see ? how emo i'm when this Monday Couple topic was came into my head and heart.*

My tears keep falling down when Mr. Kang know about relay of
 jihyo sunbaenim and her company's CEO..
and i completely sad when Kang Gary told us how he feel and how he's trying
to get himself out from the STRESSSSS!!
should i told u part of gary's song which was related to jihyo's relay ?


It was more successful than I thought, Leessang’s first album
Like a wandering gypsy, I saw a light for this exhausted life
An unbelieveable love had come to meThe love song that I could sing for her- “LeeSsang Blues” *It was the most beautiful song I wrote after I started to writeBut eventually, her wedding dress was not for meOf course, my faults were big but it was so hard- I drowned myself in alcohol that nightThe wanderings and poverty of youth were things that anyone went throughI comforted myself like this but pain found me

Cheated off the money I made from evil and like a cherry blossom, I bloomed and withered
And with bare hands I rowed

No matter what,Kang Gary ! You always be my one and only Mr.Kang ..!

Gaelly Gaelly ,